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Which word expresses your cat MOST perfectly?

Is it ‘Crepuscular’, ‘Nocturnal’ or ‘Diurnal’?

Diurnal cats are lively generally throughout the daytime. Nocturnal cats are active and lively in the sunset time whereas Crepuscular cats are full of life at nightfall and morning.

In this guide, we will find the answer to the query: Are cats Nocturnal animals?

Are Cats Nocturnal creatures? Which ones are nocturnal?

  • Feral Cats

These cats seem to be nocturnal. A “FERAL” cat is an offspring of a stray or a stray that has changed to a somewhat wild condition. Such cats live in outposts generally near a place where food can be available like vacant building, garbage tin or cafe dumpster.

These cats seldom survive just by chasing prey on their own. They normally depend on people with the intention of obtaining some food.

  • Cool Crepuscular Cats

Cats mixing nighttime doings with daylight activities are usually known as CREPUSCULAR. The regular home cat, most probably due to a greater rate of human contact, is crepuscular (not nocturnal).

These cats stay low around and sit around midday to stay away from the heat and stay cool. You will find crepuscular cats more lively and energetic in the early morning and before sunset.

Crepuscular cats are different from nocturnal and diurnal. Nocturnal cats are lively throughout the night whereas Diurnal cats peak throughout the day. A number of cats usually expressed as nocturnal are in fact crepuscular.

  • Small Cats and Big Cats

The untamed, BIG cats are nocturnal cats. Their eyes (similar to cultivated and tamed cat) are suitable for sight in HIGH and LOW light levels. If your domestic cat shows nocturnal attitude, it’s performing like the big cats (e.g. tiger, leopard, lion, etc.).

Generally, these cats snooze (take catnaps) from 1 to 16 hours a day..!. It’s a plenty of sleeping.

Cat owners are worried that why do cats sleep so much? It is important to note that the behavior of such cats can be CHANGED.. (in some cases).

are cats nocturnal

How to manage Nocturnal behavior in cats?

All cats, including an alley cat, a stray or a household cat, can modify their behavior and may change into more diurnal or less nocturnal in return to their level of contact with their surroundings or interaction with owners and other people.

Following are some ways to manage Nocturnal behavior in cats

  • Provide your cat a comfortable, cozy cat bed in a place far from your bedroom.
  • Train your cat to do exercise every day before sunset. After physical activity, your cat will be exhausted and will have a good night sleep during the night. Dedicated activity may let you have a peaceful sleep you have been seeking.
  • Try to involve your cat in interesting and exciting activities during day time so that it gets busy the whole day and doesn’t SLEEP in day time. If your cat does not sleep during daylight, it will fall asleep at night.
  • DO NOT strike or punish your cat. It’s behavior is not the effect of a human sentiment. If you punish your cat, it will create a tense relationship between you and your cat and will rather worsen the situation.

Final Verdict

Are cats Nocturnal? If your cat is nocturnal, then try to manage its behavior by following the tips mentioned above. If this does not help, consult a vet.