are onions bad for dogs

The food we eat which is great in taste does not mean that our pets love them too. Some of the primary food and diet we add in our daily lives prove to be very toxic or harmful for our dogs.

When your dog suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, then many people ask from the vet that are onions bad for dogs? I fed stew with onions, or my dog loves to have onion.

Obviously, they are bad for dogs because onions contain some toxic which prove to be poison for a dog or your pet even die.

Onions whether cooked or in raw condition are not suitable for dogs.

Onion for dogs

If onions are fed to dogs, they can cause the red blood cells in the dog’s body to burst. Sometimes onions are not digested by dogs, and it may lead to some serious condition like hemolytic anemia, or your dog may die.

The toxicity in onion is not good for dog’s health and prove to be extremely harmful to them.

You will notice some of the symptoms if your dog has eaten the onion. Almost after 3 to 4 days you will start seeing the symptoms.  Following are the symptoms

  • Your dog may suffer from diarrhea or vomiting
  • Breathlessness or lethargy conditions may appear
  • Your dog will lose interest in food or even his/her favorite eatables

Types of Onions

All kinds of onions are dangerous and may poison your dog. It does not matter whether the onion is cooked or raw, it may prove to be very hazardous to your pet.

A small amount of onion may become the reason of your dog death. Even the small chunks of onions eaten by your dog may poison your pet.

onions for dog

The toxicity of onion makes the condition severe for animals, and the treatment is expensive as well.

Specific foods
There are specific foods which you should take care before feeding your pet. Onion is a very common ingredient in many dishes we eat so make sure that the food you feed to your dog must not contain any amount of onion. Pizza, some baby foods, Chinese food, and tomato sauce all of these food items does not contain onion but must not be fed to your dog because the ingredients involved in these food items also have toxicity which proves to be very unhealthy for your dog.

What to do?

If your dog accidentally has swallowed or consumed some amount of onion then contact your veterinarian immediately.

It is crucial and essential to seek the doctor advice if you find any suspicion of poisoning. In the extreme case, the blood transfusion will be necessary, and you may require a hospital appointment for your dog.

dog vet

Do keep any contact for emergency cases.

Are onions bad for dogs? Definitely YES. No matter what happens even if your dog loves the leftover food or love, the onion stew still does not feed onions or any vegetable related to the onion family. The result will be very dangerous and fatal. So don’t let your dog eat onions.