Insects such as fleas are one of the WORST natural enemies of your pets, especially cats. Cat fleas are the insects that live on the cat, feed on its blood, and pose a danger to its health.

Fleas are not only BAD for cats but also for the pet owners and the entire house where the pet lives. Therefore, you need the best flea treatment for cats in order to get rid of them.

So.. What is the best flea treatment for cats?

There are many methods which can be used to get rid of fleas from cats. With a proper treatment that involves medication as well as natural protection, you will get rid of fleas from cats in no time.

It is IMPORTANT to note that you must get long-lasting flea treatment for pets. Applying medication on the cat and brushing it with a flea comb might be a good idea, but it has to be long-lasting.

Fleas can come back in no time, so apply the flea treatment for a long time to solve the problem permanently.

Natural Protection vs Medicinal Protection

There are two ways in which you can address the cat flea problem. One is the natural treatment for cat fleas, and the other is the medical treatment. Both these ways are better and can last long if used according to the instructions.

The natural flea treatment involves applying certain oils on the cat, which will kill the insects. It might hurt the cat a bit, but it will be good for its future.

Bathing the cat twice a week will surely get rid of fleas. You MUST not give a regular bath to the cat and the bath has to involve some special flea-killing oils and shampoos.

cat bathing

Apply these products while giving the bath to get rid of fleas instantly. If you are not able to find any shampoo on the market for flea control, you can make one of your own.

It’s not a chemical shampoo; just a natural solution which combines citrus, yogurt, eucalyptus and a few drops of mustard oil. Apply this natural solution and give your cat a bath. It will get rid of fleas instantly.

The natural treatment also involves controlling the cat.

DO NOT let the pet go in areas where there is more grass or bushes and do not let it bathe in outdoor pools. These pools have flea larva and when the cat bathes, the larva might get attached, causing problems.

Besides these natural treatments, you can also use medical treatments for the cat. See a vet instantly if you notice any rashes on the cat.

There are many medicines available in the market that will help get rid of the fleas. These medical solutions are injected or given with the food.

The medication which is given with the food is always in powdered form or liquid form. There are monthly checkups of the cats and other pets, which involve giving the pet injections to PROTECT it from certain diseases and fleas.

The cat flea medicine, if injected, will provide a quick solution but might not last long. It is important to take your cat again to the vet if you see problems.

best flea treatment for cats

There are many medicines in the form of powder. It is the easiest solution for the treatment of fleas.

Another type of medicine which can be used to get rid of fleas from cats is “shampoo”. There are many products on the market which are specially produced for cat fleas.

Pet flea control is vital for a healthy pet and a healthy house. Make sure that you use both natural and medical treatments for fleas. It is important to apply a cat flea treatment to get rid of the problem so that it does not affect your health either.