dogs cry tears of sadness or tears of happiness

It will be wrong to ask, do dogs cry tears of sadness or tears of happiness? The fact is that dogs do not cry at ALL. Crying is related to feelings, and the reality is not a Hollywood movie in which something extraordinary happens and all dogs start crying.

Why dogs cannot cry

Dogs do not cry with tears like humans. They might whimper though, but why do they whimper?

These pets will make a whimpering noise if there is something wrong. Even if a needle or thorn pricks them or they get bitten or hurt, they will never cry with actual tears.

Many people want to know whether dogs cry when they are sick, sad, alone, or hurt. The simple answer to this question is that they DO NOT.

Now you might say that you have seen tears in your dog’s eye, so this is all a lie and dogs do actually cry. However, these tears are not like your tears. Just like any other mammal, dogs have tear ducts.

The function of these tear ducts is to take water to the mouth and throat. When these tear ducts get blocked, the water comes out through the eyes instead of going into the throat or mouth. This condition is called epiphora. It is the reason for those tears in the dog’s eyes, which many people think are actual tears.

What causes dog tears or epiphora?

There are many studies which prove there are many reasons that this situation occurs in dogs. The reasons for those tears are as follows:

It must be clear to you by now that dogs do not cry. The reasons that dogs have tears are all medical and have nothing to do with your emotions.

do dogs cry

Many people have a question about whether dogs have feelings. Well, dogs definitely do have feelings, but they just don’t cry just because they are feeling sad.

How to treat dog tears?

If your dog has tears in its eyes, seek a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.

What you think as tears of emotions might actually be a disease and hurting your dog’s health. You do not want your dog to lose its eyes, do you? Take the dog for treatment instead of supporting the pet, thinking it has emotions.

For many people who say they have a connection with their dog and they can feel when their dog cries, it is all their emotions and not their dog’s.

Dogs do not have the ability to cry. They can only have tears in their eyes due to a certain condition. At such a time, your pet needs medical attention instead of emotions.