dog dental care

Dog owners know well that an adult dog has a total of forty-two teeth. It is easy to know how many teeth do dogs have, but taking care of those teeth can be a challenge. A pet owner knows the importance of the dog’s dental health.

Dental care of dogs

The dog’s dental care depends on its teething stages. If you have raised the dog since it was a small puppy, you will know its teeth very well.

You need to give proper attention to taking care of the teeth, just like the rest of the dog’s body. For this purpose, you must know how many teeth a dog has and what type of teeth they are.

Adult dog teeth are of four types: incisors, canines, molars, and premolars.

The incisors are used to tear the meat and bite.The total number of incisors that an adult dog has is twelve, six on the upper jaw and six on the lower jaw.

The canines are used to puncture the skin. These are pointy and also called fangs. The purpose of these teeth is to hold onto something tight. If your dog is not letting go of something, it means these fangs are in the play. The adult dog has four canines, two at the top and two at the bottom.

how many teeth do dogs have

Premolars are used for shearing. These teeth are right behind the fangs. If you see your dog chewing something in the side of their mouth, it is using its premolars. They are used to eat things once they are torn apart. There is a total of sixteen premolars in an adult dog. The upper and lower jaw have eight each.

The molars are the teeth at the back of the mouth. They are used to chew things and there are eight molars in total.

To take care of your dog’s teeth, you must know how many there are. The number of teeth a dog has depends on its age. An adult dog will have a full set of forty-two teeth, while a puppy will have a total of twenty-eight teeth.