Privacy Policy is a website which shares dog’s facts and their information. The extensive database contains answers to thousands of questions regarding the dogs breed, food, care taking and other related information. The website is operated privately. The information of our visitors is private and critical to us. We do not intend to leak our customer’s information or any related details. When you log into our website that means you agree to the privacy policy of our site. Please declaim the privacy policy carefully and if you have any queries kindly feel free to contact us or send an email directly to [email protected]

We keep on updating our privacy policy terms with the changes made to our website. When we update our Privacy Policy, we will post a notice regarding the changes made on the site. Keep visiting our website.

Collection of details

The information we gather from our visitors and members is private. For the registration, you have to enter your personal details like name, date of birth, address, age, gender, hometown. Your dog details will also be required for registration like your dog name, sex, likes dislike, age, breed and etc. your name and email id will remain confidential and never be shared, sold or compromised in any situation. All the details entered regarding your dog or yourself will only be used in a purposeful manner and will never be displayed on the website. Anyone can access and visit our website through internet connection because CareYourPuppy is free to use. For better details and information about your dog and subscription letters, you need to register as a member. We do not tolerate any abusing or misleading information on our website and on our website forums.

If any of the user or visitor finds any irrelevant data or wrong information so he/she may contact us and inform us about the information. We will correct the data or information.

How we use your details

Your name and the email address will not be shared with anyone in any condition. If you have entered details about your hometown and the country information, with your permission any of the details will not be published by our site whether it would be your dog name. Our GPS implementation shortly will surely detect your location only if permitted by you. When any of the information you want to share with your friend or wants to email your friend then the entered email address will not be saved in our database. We do not even keep the copy of registered email address.

Working with third parties

We do work with third parties which provide us services like data analysis, email services, and web hosting services. Some part of the information is shared with the third parties to provide our members and customer’s high-quality content and service. We use reputable third parties that provide you information and even use your cookies to track some relevant,purposeful data. We also have selected some reputable companies as the third party who provide marketing and for analysis purpose.