dogs cat poop

It is a hateful and disgusting matter of concern for all dog owners that dogs eat cat poop. So many dog owners must have observed dog eating cat poop in garden or from anywhere else.

Dogs assume the litter enclosed kitty chunks to be the paramount treat. The bad habit of dogs is called ‘Coprophagia‘.

It is mostly desperate to prevent a dog from eating cat feces, but you can take some measures to stop your doing from doing this.

Now the IMPORTANT question arises in the mind of dog owners that why do dogs eat cat poop..?

..Why do dogs eat cat poop?

There are some other causes of coprophagia, like simple anxiety, medical reasons, boredom, Nutritional Deficiencies or the reality your dog loves the taste of cat poop.

  • Anxiety and Boredom

A number of dogs taste cat excrement because of Anxiety and Boredom. It may be a means to get the attention of the owner. Some dogs have behavior issues like attention seeking behavior. It is an uncommon neurotic disorder state or generalized anxiety. Over and over again, these dogs remain alone without any company for extensive hours and do not have any activity to do. Dogs DO NOT realize that the way of getting attention is harmful.

  • Medical Issues

Medical issues like bowel conditions, endocrine disease, malabsorption, malnutrition and anemia can also become the causes of coprophagia. Dogs who are taking medicines (on medications) can sometimes develop a desire to eat cat poop.

why do dogs eat cat poop

  • Dietary deficiencies

Nutritional deficiency is one more reason of coprophagia. Sometimes your dog eating cat poop outside is in search of minerals and vitamins which they can’t find in their food. As cat foods contain a lot of protein and are rich in seafood vitamins, a lot of dogs are attracted to cat feces because they all the above-mentioned vitamins and protein.

Drawbacks of Eating Cat poop

Many dog owners raise a question that is very important:

My dog eats cat poop will he get sick?

The answer is YES.

Eating cat poop is sometimes DANGEROUS. Kitty litters available in markets contain several chemicals; furthermore, the clay in many litter brands can sometimes block the intestines in case your dog eats too much poop.

Dogs are vulnerable to parasites. If a dog eats stool of a cat who has a parasite, then there are high chances that the dog will be at risk for worms.

How to stop dog from eating cat poop?

As we have explained the answer of ‘why do dogs eat cat poop’, now let’s move towards the solution.

Solve the issue of dog’s boredom with daily and regular activities, digging pits, toys, and countless affection.

Regularly clean and wash the litter box of your cat more than once a day. If you carry away the stool of cat before the dog can get it, your dog will be safe.